Learn together, Laugh together,

Play together. Your children are our main concern.

Serving Manteca, Lathrop, and Ripon, CA

Trusted pre-kindergarten classes and staff

Pre-kindergarten classes are available to your child at Kids Academy Preschool and Daycare. We have been providing services to the community since 1978. We use the Creative Curriculum to teach your child all the basics of learning and more.


Our staff is CPR certified for your child's safety. All our staff members were cleared and fingerprinted through the Department of Justice, FBI, and Child Abuse Index.

Our daily activities

  • Circle time activities: Circle time and learning activities are based on the Creative Curriculum. Topics include a monthly theme, calendar, counting and number recognition, shape recognition, letter recognition, and name signing and recognition. Circle time also include activities such as group discussions, singing songs, finger plays, flannel board activities, stories, and music and movement songs.

  • Art project and/or workbook page: The children will do art that corresponds with the monthly theme. Free art is also available. The children will do workbook pages to reinforce their learning.

  • Outside play: The children get to go outside for daily playtime if the weather permits.

  • Nap time: Nap and rest time is offered for our full day program. We provide each child with their own sheet and blanket.

  • Afternoon activities: Each teacher plans a different set of afternoon activities, which can be a variety of things such as, but not limited to, art projects, music, and outside play.

  • Meals and snacks: Hot lunch and snacks are provided.

Understanding our curriculum

  • Literacy skills: Phonological awareness, letter recognition, comprehension, oral language/vocabulary, book/print awareness, writing/written expression, motivation to read, and fluency.

  • Math concepts: Number recognition and counting, measurement, problem solving, and shapes.

  • Social studies and science: Recognize the meaning of community. Explore objects to identify what things are made of, weight, and sorting

  • Social/emotional development: Learn to build positive relationships, regulate emotions, show empathy, and express pro-social behaviors.

  • Physical development: Gain gross motor skills through many movement opportunities (outdoors and indoors). Gain fine motor skills through the use of

  • creative tools and writing.

  • Fine arts: Art, music, and dramatic play.

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A fun way to learn through play

We provide the kids with plenty of time to play and we let the children play and examine the indoor and outdoor world. This allows your little one to find objects and make observations about the world based on their findings. Teachers monitor the students' playtime, asking questions that inspire additional thought and positive social interactions.


We also talk about healthy food and safety procedures.